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Disconnected wellness programs fail to address the root causes.
We offer actionable, integrated strategies tailored to your unique environment. We revitalize your workforce with simplicity, impact, and zero jargon.
We deliver real organizational change with our ethos: Where simplicity meets impact.

At BurnBright Consulting, we believe your people are your greatest asset. But today's business landscape breeds burnout, disengagement, and stifled innovation. 

Enter: us.

To keep your teams on the leading edge of your industry, you’ll need to rethink employee development — and start considering how organizations and individuals, combined have helped burnout become the norm. 

Our boutique consultancy focuses on tackling the root causes of burnout to build team cohesion and generative company culture. 

Simplicity: We cut through complexity. Our solutions are straightforward and jargon-free. You'll understand and implement them with ease.

Impact: We're laser-focused on results. We pinpoint key areas for rapid transformation and deliver outcomes that impact your mission, profit, and employee satisfaction.

Innovation: Our multidisciplinary team brings fresh perspectives and agile solutions. We address the overlooked areas contributing to burnout, ensuring innovative yet effective strategies.

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Tina Fang - Chief Deputy at Colorado Office of Public Defenders

Working with Kelley is easy and supportive. She has the connections necessary to help build a plan that incorporates many different layers of a strategy. She is flexible and strives to meet the needs of the organization. So far, we have been able to launch a whole cache of resources and she remains in contact for follow-up help and ideas as needed. I highly recommend her.

Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at NetApp

I’ve had the privilege of working with Kelley multiple times to develop strategies to drive equity in large tech organizations. She has the keen ability to leverage data and manage the human side of this work to bring forth success. Through her work, I’ve been able to move the needle in a meaningful way. Kelley makes strategy sexy.

Working with [Burn Bright] has been a great experience. They are superb at translating deep expertise in mental health into an engaging and impactful experience for participants. They took the time to understand our organization’s mission-driven, scientific culture. We were able to create multiple workshops that served our community, and I happily referred them to colleagues at other organizations because of the quality of their work.

Wellbeing Director at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

We worked with Kelley on a Fortune 500 C-level leadership offsite event. She took time to deeply understand the audience so she could deliver the most impactful presentation, guide difficult but necessary discussions, and facilitate workshops to help the team evolve their thinking and behaviors. Her approach to inclusive innovation, diversity and belonging was presented in the context of broader corporate goals and strategies, creating the necessary connection between the two for our client. She is truly a powerhouse and is uniquely skilled at moving the needle on helping teams operate with an “inclusive innovation” approach. We could not recommend her enough and look forward to teaming up with her again!

Alison Miley - Senior Vice President of Communications at Services Notion Strategies

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